What color should the bride’s nails be?

wedding day

People will look at your rings and shake hands with congratulations, and your hands will be mirrored in your wedding photos. Make sure they are in top condition with a classically elegant hue.

polished nailWhile the idea of red nails matching your wedding party or wedding colors could at first sound like a great idea, it is likely that bold colors will stop you from taking lovely pictures. You want to see the first thing in your wedding pictures, not your fingernails! By having the wedding nail colors, you are assured that your nails are poppy without being scandalous.

You should select a polished nail based on the color of your skin.

Fair Skin Brides is expected to choose a pink blush shade with a touch of roses for a nice natural glow. You can also pick a gray-white with a silver shimmer for an authentic “wow” at night weddings.

Medium Skin Brides should select soft roses, peaches and light caramels that fit your skin tone. They are going to give you or your dress a soft pop color without being overshadowed.

Dark Skin Brides are expected to choose a taupe, sand or golden color as the warmth and glow of dark skin is played. These colors would not make the skin look ashy like any other hue.

Prepare for your wedding day in an emergency to make sure everything goes as planned. Unforeseen may involve a torn shirt, a makeup smoke or a stain, a lot of suddenness or a limp hairstyle. You are expected to have an emergency beauty bag in your wedding, the honorable lady might come up with a bag, so make sure there is one.

Finally, if you can, buy your nail polish shade and take it along with you on your wedding day to inspire you to hit any chips or nicknames you may get.