How to pick the right hairspray for your wedding

thickening spray

Hairspray is available in several different brands. Now we have hairspray for all styles of hair from fine to thick and the amount of control you want. It can be used to manage the ‘frizzes,’ to retain all hair in place and make your hair smooth and soft. It’s on you for picking the right hairspray for a wedding.

Often you want hair spray that keeps your style flawless, such as an important social event, where you wish your hair style to be the best. Yet women have desired more over the last few decades than just holding power. New formulas that allow you to manage your hair while keeping it soft and flexible have been created. The trend back to a natural appearance inspired the hairspray industry to create products which sound and look like you don’t use hairspray. The product is easier to clean and also comes with nutrients and conditioners to keep your hair in good health.

refined hairspray

Hair spraying is also a recent development and can be fun to work with. You may spray your hair and then blow dry your hair. The end result is an 80’s “poof” look that becomes a little stylish. You may make curls with this spray by curling the hair around your finger. Thickening spray is suitable for those of us with very thin hair and it prevents the hair from looking fake.

Hair curl spray is beneficial if you want to keep the curls for a while. It prevents hair from being loose and curls from being lost. You can easily spray them after your hair is arranged using rollers or curling iron to get your curls.

The best aspect of using a hairspray on a wedding is that it is not adhesive if a little moisture is exposed to it. The alcohol level is lower, therefore there are negligible chances of your hair getting dry. It helps to reduce the risk of odors from old hair products, since the resin molecule is so much smaller that it doesn’t readily attract and hold sweat.

And, best of all, the rough feeling of hair spray in the hair disappears even if you shake the hair or ruffle it with your fingertips, but the ‘holding’ stays intact. You can pay for a refined hairspray a little more, but it is worthy. Next time when you purchase a hairspray, look for an “invisible grip” or “refined” hairspray. Some of them are available and you’ll find them once you know what you are looking for.